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Does Jeff have a brisket rub?

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Does anybody know if he sells a brisket rub? 


I like pork, but I love beef.


Is his BBQ sauce good on beef too?icon_biggrin.gif

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Good question although I doubt I would ever use it on a brisket.  I tend to use rubs on those hunks of meat that can truly benefit from it and usually I scrape the fat cap off post cooking so I'd never eat it anyways.  If I do anything to the exterior of a brisket it is simply salt and pepper after trimming the fat cap as I want that beef flavor to come through unmasked.


Now that the disclaimers are out, why not just use Jeff's current rub offering on the brisket?

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I have never used or seen Jeff's rub, BUT, I t is used as a rib rub and I suspect it is sweet, not all bad for other meats.

I would try it as is on some beef, possibly a chuck and see what you think and add other spices to it as you feel.

I would start off with adding some/more c u m i n , maybe a touch of oregano , coffee, garlic, onion powder, and salt.

It's a trying thing, see what you can come up with, and in no time you can totally make your own rub recipe

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Less get this straight right off the bat. A rub is a rub it can be used on everything that you smoke. Jeff's is a good rub and the stores are full of them. Now I use different rubs fro time to time. Right now I'm using a very simple rub. Old Bay and brown sugar mixture on everything. Now it's very tastey and it has a kick to it that IO like. I happen to like a little spice with my food. So use jeff's rub or just go to the store and pick one and if you don't like it change to a different one.

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on briskets I use

1/4 minced onion

1/4 minced garlic

1/4 coarse black pepper

1/4 kosher or sea salt

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What I use on brisket, is this;


salt, sugar, black pepper, paprika; in equal parts.


I got this from the book "Cold Mountain".

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Thanks guys.



I did a little crazy mixture last night...


2 cups of french's mustard.

2 cups of brown sugar.

1/2 cup course pepper.

some + garlic salt.


It smelled FOUL when I first rubbed it on!


But it is the best brisket I've made so far!


The taste is soo GOOD.

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I seen another member use mustard(i don't know who), or I'de never have tried it....




I hate mustard, but WOW.

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I was in a local smoke shop and bought some beef rub, it is called Obie Cues Texas Brisket Rub. I have never used it on a brisket but i was pleased with the outcome when i applied it to a chuck roast a couple of weeks ago . Pkerchef

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I've used Jeff's rub on everything from chicken to elk roast and even brisket.  It's not the only rub I use, but almost.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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