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Tip's Marinade, Practice Turkey

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I have a "practice" turkey that I'm going to smoke this weekend.


I soaked it in Tip's brine for 26 hours, rinsed, and patted dry. This brine is delicious.


I have smoked several turkeys, but never injected one, so I thought I would give this one a try and see if I liked it.


I melted 2 TBS of butter, added to 2 cups of apple cider, then added the spices per the recipe.


I got a coagulated mess. The spices all clumped wasn't pretty.


I took a whisk and beat it like it owed me money, but still didn't mix too well. I went ahead and injected the turkey with it.


Anyone else have this issue? I thought about using the blender and putting it on puree.


Next time, I think I'll add the spices to the cider, whisk, then add the butter.


Any and all suggestions are appreciated.



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This happened to me the first time I used Tip's, as well.  I now warm my apple juice or cider (depends on what I have in hand) and then add the butter, then the spices, wisk it a little then let it cool (if you get it too warm as I did the first time) then I inject.  This has worked for me many times, good luck.  I am doing a test turkey this weekend as well.

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I use Tip's brine for all my poultry that I'm going to smoke if I have time. Period, thats it, it's done, and that's what I like. "And that's the way it was this Nov 20, 2010" Thank you Walter Cronkite.

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