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thinking about buying a jerky gun need advice

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I would like to make some meat sticks or jerky sticks and was looking around at some different jerky guns.  there seems to be many to choose from and was hoping that I could get some advice on what has worked well for others and what to stay away from!





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This works well, LEM Products Jerky Cannon.

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If you'll be doing batch sizes of more than 3-4lbs, the small plastic guns are not up for the task. I have a Nesco Jerky Works kit, and I found that if I crowded the trigger force to extruded the meat faster or due to stiffer meat mixes, it can damage the mechanical aspects, causing the teeth on the plunger stem to not fully engage with the trigger mechanism.


For occassional use and smaller batches, they're fine, but I'd buy a larger heavier duty rig constructed of all metal if you're serious about ground & formed meat jerky or un-cased snack sticks.



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the lem jerkey cannon looks very similar to the weston (prado) model...   are they the same?

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LEM here also, you can get them online at Bass Pro.

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I also have a Lem and it works great. They have several optional ends for them that I have bought. I took me about 2 years of messing with the cheap plastic one the wife drug home from a yard sale before I broke down and spent the $50.00 for the Cannon. You will not regret it.

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I have a Gander mountain jerky cannon. I am sure it is made by LEM

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