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first turkey

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Hey guys I am looking to do 2 turkeys in the smoker. I have a 23 and a 21 pounder. I need a good brine recipe and some guidance on smokeing time and temps. I was looking to do an apple Turkey with apple juice instead of water in both brine and water pan along with apple wood chips. Thanks in advance
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those turkeys sound to be a little on the large side to me to be safe for smoking.  Being that big they saty in the danger zone too long and do not pass the 140* mark soon enough.  I usually do not smoke a turkey over 14lbs.

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I didn't realize that would it hurt to bump the heat up and do more of a quick smoke/cook vs keeping the temp low
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rem700,I had the same exact idea last week and the boys here set me straight.Read thru the link.

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