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Championship rub comparison on pork loins w/Qview

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Hello folks!


I, of course, make my own rubs to suit my tastes, but I also buy a lot of rubs.  Basically I look at the spice aisle at every grocery store that I enter.  I do this not only because I love to smoke my meat with new rubs but also because I eat a lot of international foods and like a variety of spices.


At any rate, I decided I would hold a championship contest of my own--between championship rubs.


I had a couple of fresh pork loins and prepared them both the same way save the rub.





The loin on the left is Plowboy's BBQ Championship rub from Kansas City, and the one on the right is Head Country Championship rub from Oklahoma City.


I injected both loins with apple juice, slathered with yellow mustard and rubbed overnight then re-coated again before smoking.


Put them in my offset Weber 22.5 setup at 270F




I used a combination of maple and hickory smoke on a combination of Royal Oak lump and Kingsford charcoals...


I spritzed them every 25 minutes or so with a mixture of apple juice, olive oil, local honey and amaretto.




I got them up to 152F and pulled...




then sliced nice and thin...


Here is the Head Country rub




and this is the Plowboy's




Overall, I'd have to say that the Plowboy's is better suited to my palate although I would certainly be receptive to using Head Country again.


I know that making your own rub is better but I love to try these store-bought varieties too.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  Deeee-lish!


Bon appetit

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Thanks for postin.... The plowboy does look a little better in the pics! But as you stated; It's all in what taste you like yourself!

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Beautiful looking loins there.

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Great Qview, thanks for sharing!  Plowboys is on my list of rubs to try outl

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Nice work either way!  I'd take the leftovers from either experiment!  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Thanks for giving us your option for the rubs that you used. Now I will see if I can find the plow boys rub.

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FYI to all, I got the Plowboy's Rub at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World of all places... they actually have quite an assortment of smoker/bbq accessories and the like.

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