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Another Turkey Question

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I am planning on cooking 4 Turkeys for our company next Wednesday.  I am wondering if the cook time will be extended because I will be putting four birds in the smoker.  I have an offset horizontal smoker (Oklahoma Joe).  I figured as long as I keep them all about the same size I should be OK right?  If they are all around 13-15 pounds, what do y'all think the cook time will be?...I know to go off of temp, but just so I know when to get started if we want to eat at noon.  I am thinking I would keep the smoking temp around 300-325 and maybe rotate the birds, so the one closer to the fire box does not dry out.

Any advise will be appreciated

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It will probably take a little bit longer with more birds but if you are running at temps around 300-325 that will take the time way down as well. I would think around 5 hours give or take.  Are you going to brine the birds and/or inject them at all? I am doing 9 birds myself this week and am very excited. I have done plenty of birds before but never more then one at a time so. Hope yours turn out great. 

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I agree with Rbrans on the turkey timing thingy. It shouldn't change the time that much for more birds. I would however leave plenty of time for the birds to smoke thou.  

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