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Brining a turkey

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Is it  brine turkey or any orther meat in an aluminum pot?  How many people will a ten lb. turkey breast  feed



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Not really. The brine will react with the aluminum. It is best to use a food safe bucket,  stainless steel pot, an oven bag or 2 ½ gallon baggie.

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Are you talking about a aluminum stove pot that you cook with or one of those throw away aluminum pans?

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Salt will corode aluminum, I have a cooler that I use myself.That or a food grade bucket.

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Here's some great information I found a while back on the site reference brining and containers.  If the aluminum pan is all you have there are some great recommendations on types of bags you could use and still use your pan.

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A ten pound breast?  Does it have the breast and rib bone still attached?  That's a big breast, as far as how many it will feed, it depends on how much they eat but generally about a pound per person.  I'm guessing you will have sides too?  That's usually how I estimate my quantity.

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yes there will be sides but they are all,well a iam FAT.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

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I would use a very clean bucket for your brining. I'm not real sure that the pot will react to the brine but why take a chance. You can even use a big turkey size zip-loc baggies too.

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