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Whole Chicken recipes

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Just did my first smoke Last weekend on my "EL Cheapo" after the mods of course and the chicken pieces and pork tenderloins with mesquite smoke can out great!! the info on this site is very helpful Thank you all, I'm looking for other reciepes for whole chickens to try out other than ones listed, looking for some home secret stuff  that people willing to share LOL Thanks again

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One of my favs is Beer Can Chicken

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I like smoking a whole chicken... when its close to done I finish it on the gas grill (on high heat, flipping the whole chicken around) to crisp up the skin... than i pull it and finish it w/ a homemade Bourbon Sauce... mmmm good!

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I would recommand that you go to the wiki section and fine Tip's Slaughter House Brine. Then just brine it over night and then smoke it with some light tsating woods like apple, cherry, or even alder. Then just smoke your bird to maybe 165* internal and then let it rest for about 10-20 minutes and then enjoy. So if you do that you will have some really yummO yard bird. So do something for us and do the Q-view

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