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Catfish skinning pliers

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 saw this recomendation in THE BULLSHEET (the KBS newspaper).  Use catfish skinning pliers to remove the membrane from ribs prior to smoking.  If you arn't familer with catfish skinning pliers go to any bait shop or sporting goods store.  They are only a couple bucks at Walmart.

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I have seen this idea posted a few times so i tried it. It works ,but i  still have better results w/ a paper towel.

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Now the mambrane on the spare ribs to mw isn't that hrd to get off. I would just work your finger underneath the membrane and then using a paper towel you be able to grab it and pull it off almost in a full sheet. You can use pliers if you want but give the paper towel first after all we all have paper towels.

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I have a pair but just use my fingers and a paper towel.

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