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Lots of Pork

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Alright my local butcher called me and said he had a fresh 10 lb belly for me. I have a 3lb loin and 4 lb boneless shoulder. Im gonna make me some bacon with the belly following B earcarvers tutorial using tenderquick. Then im gonna make some canadian bacon with the loin using the same curing instructions. Then some pulled pork with the shoulder. Im gonna have a busy two weeks! Starting the curing tomorrow and then doing the shoulder on Sunday! This is my first time with the bacons, but not my first go around with the shoulder. Any tips or words of advice for the bacons?


Thanks, oh and ill definately have some Q-view!

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Can't wait to see it all!   Another reason to have a good relationship with the local butcher!

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Please just make sure that you use the correct amount of cure for your bacons. Now the canadian bacon will be good and you will like it alot. So just make sure that you message it and roll it around in the baggies everyday now and you should be golden.

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1 tbs per lb right? I should have everything ready to start curing tomorrow. How many days curing for the canadian bacon? and is it true that your better off leaving it in the cure longer comapred to not long enough?

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Just follow Bearcarvers recipe and be patient and you wont buy bacon or CB  from the store again.

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I got a nice little digital scale tonight so i can measure out the cure perfectly. I also picked up my belly, it looks good, and they are going to give me a call when they have more in since they dont always have them. I figure as long as i plan on making bacon within a month of getting it i can freeze it until i need it. I cant wait! Would it be ok to cure the bacon for 8 days instead of 9, it would just work out so much better for me if it would be ok. Ive read of others not even curing it that long.

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My boneless shoulder is wrapped in a next to hold it all together. Can i do everything i need to do to it till its done with the net on it?

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no just let it go she will b cool

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Alright, i got the belly and loin all prepped tonight. i measures out the TQ and added equal amounts of brown sugar. I rubbed the meat down with the mix put it in bags, added the extra mix to the bags and sealed them up.










The brown looking parts is some of the brown sugar, not rotten meat, lol


Sorry i didnt snap any pics of the loin but its in that pan with the rest of it.


More to come Sunday when i do the shoulder.

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Alright what am i doing wrong with the pictures, i did it the same as ive done them all before. I couldnt use photobucket, i had to directly upload them.

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My bacon is doing good, i keep flipping and rubbing it.


I got my 4 lb shoulder rubbed down and ready to sit over night and go in the smoker tomorrow morning. I used PigCicles rub recipe, smells and looks awesome.


I will have more Qview tomorrow when it goes in.



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I have always wanted to make bacon, I think I will make some this winter.  Yours looks like it will be delicious.

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Thanks, this will be my first, BearCarver's step by step instructions and help have really helped me out

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Here you guys go, the shoulder came out fanominal! So much flavor, bark was awesome! I started it at 10:45, and shredded it at 6:15, this was a 4 lb shoulder, bonless, smoked it with mesquite in my Char Broil propane smoker. I didnt use water in the pan cause i having a hard time getting my temps up with the water so i let the water all evaporate and went waterless and was able to get whatever temps i wanted. I kept it around 230-250. I smoked it for an hour, then stuck the thermometer in, waited till it got the 100* then sprayed it every hour with apple juice/rum mix. When it hit 165* i foiled it and kept cooking, then at 195* i pulled it from the smoker and wrapped it in a towel and put it in a cooler for an hour then shredded it. It was just awesome, ive never had pulled pork with that flavor and moistness before. Enjoy!















The conclusion of the bacon is to follow next weekend.

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Awesome looking pulled Pork!!!


Now where are you hiding that Bacon???

I can smell it---Now Where is it???



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Well day nine hit on my bacon on saturday so i pulled it out of the cure, rinsed it, soaked it in ice water for a half hour then fried up a test peice. I just want to say whoever started the "fry up a test peice" thing, dont do it! Cause you will just end up "testing" peice after peice after peice! lol. Well needless to say it was perfect. So i dried it off again and set it in the fridge over night. Got up at 5am this morning, started up my tin can/soldering iron cold smoke maker and went back to bed. Got up at 9 and checked it and it was still smoking. Perfect. So i loaded it back up with wood and let it go till 1pm, pulled it out, wrapped it up and stuck it back in the fridge to sit till i slice it tomorrow to tuesday. My canadian bacon is still in the cure and will come out in a day or two. Here is the Qview.



Rinsed off and dried.



Test fry. Warning if you do this you might end up eating it all before it even gets to the smoker!



Ready to sit over night.






Done and ready to slice. The color isnt much different but as long as it tastes awesome it could be purple for all i care.





Ill post more when i slice and do the canadian bacon.

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And much thanks to Bearcarver for his help through this bacon process!

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Another guy gonna be hooked good.


Don't forget some sliced pics too!


I know---I'm getting greedy!




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I wont forget the sliced pics. And my wife is sitting next to me asking "are you writing about your bacon" lol

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Here is the sliced bacon. Just over 6 lbs. I fryed up a couple peices to try, very delicous.







Next time i think i will put some heat to the bacon and get that deep smoke flavor instead of just the cold smoke.

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