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Buying sheep casings

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Ok, Im looking online at sheep casings.  Some packages are as low as $8.99.  Some are shown to be around 50 bucks.  The cheaper packs say, ex: "pack of 142 casings"  How short are these casings in package like this?  I'm going to be making kabanosy.    Any help?

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Not famaliar with the "pack of 142 casings" term but I use Syracuse Casing and never had any complaints. I see they're currently getting $35 for 100 yards of 20/22mm.

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usually between 1' and 2', cheap chinese casings.  Syracuse Casings are domestic and high quality.  You get what you pay for.


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I always try to use the USA brand on things. I don't want to use anything from china Sorry I'm just that way. GO USA

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