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I hear ya about the weather, supposed to be around 10° tomorrow morning. eek.gif


The 211 is a pretty awesome machine, if I could do it over again I would go for the passport plus. It is more money but it has a superior arc quality with co2 and the weight is much nicer to deal with. My 211 is almost more then I want to deal with as far as moving it around. But I guess they all have there place.


Hope ya get some time in on the rig before it gets to bad out.

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cxc.JPGNew Image.JPGxxx.JPGxxz.JPGxzx.JPG

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that was weird,tried to post a reply and it just did not recognize it.anyway.thanks Tom,the pics above show my progress so far.still a long ways off.please excuse my amateur welds still have a lot to learn

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I do believe that your rig will last five lifetimes!!!!


I really love the axle and tire wheel combo.


My third build which is the same rig thats mounted on my trailer now started its life as a portable rig that could hook to the lawn mower, to move it around.

The idea was if a friend wanted to have a party in there backyard, I could take it there with ease. It was a great idea but it only saw a backyard once and spent the rest of the time in my driveway.

Now its on the trailer.


Here is the link to the couple pics I have, don't want to pollute your thread with a bunch of my pics. icon_mrgreen.gif




BTW.......My welds are OK at best, as a general rule I dont show you guys the bad ones.

I am a professional tho!!!!


Professional Grinder that is.

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That handle is so awesome, so awesome I didn't even notice the welds.


You can always do like I do, build up the weld and grind away till it looks like it was all molded together.


It's looking real good so far.

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Your smoker is looking really good. I love the axle set up too, I'm going to do a tandem rigid set up for mine almost identical to yours. I dumpster dive at work all the time. The rig welders started leaving all the good scrap on the ground next to the dumpsters so I can sift through it easier.icon_mrgreen.gif

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Thanks guys,yea it should last long enough for my grand kids to use it lol,KC the handle was made by a coworker/friend/machinist out of aluminum round stock.I asked about a handle and he said how long does it need to be,an hour later he gives me a knurled and tapped/threaded work of art.I definitely owe him.I made the stands at work on 1/4 flat bar and a band saw.its been alot of fun.I am gonna have to go find some more steel.I keep thinking up new ideas and ways to improve the function.Really hoping to be done before Christmas so I can break her in with some smoked goodness for the family.I'm thinking some ham,turkey,ribs and fatties just might do the trick.what do you guys think.

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For sure Bama, when I plow snow and we get over 4" the boss pads our checks, telling us its the share the wealth plan.


Yours will be a share the goodness plan. One of the best ways to repay the friends that help out is good food and a helping hand when they need it.

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I definately think that will do the trick. Nothing like smoked goodness for the holidays.

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few more pics after burn out,and sand blasting,spent a lot of time today on fitting the Rf plate.mounted the front casters.My buddy made me another knurled aluminum handle,I settled the debt this time.We both collect knives so I found one of my own that he liked.still lack mounting the rails for the meat racks,building the racks,the front table plate,and the exhaust stacks.then paint


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Looking good!!!!    Also looks like you had a great day to work on it.



How do you like the small sandblaster?  I've been thinking about getting one, just not sure about the cost and the media vs paying someone to do it.

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You are rollin' right along. I really dig those wheels. I gave my sandblaster away. The mess, the hassle, the compressor running all the time, and my time spent doing it all contributed to swearing off do it your self sandblasting.icon_lol.gif

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Hey guys,I like my sand blaster for one reason it was about 80 bucks at harbor freight.I bought it for restoring cars/trucks.works great on frames and such,that would cost a mint to take and pay someone to do for me.that being said.it is a pain in the a$$ some times,don't take long to go thru 100 lbs of media and as you can see it makes a HELLIFIED mess.I got my RF plate welded in last night and the front casters,but as usual I miss calculated my grease drain length,I live and learn my friends,still trying to figure what I can use for the front shelf (table).I can get some .125 aluminum sheet but it scratches real easy.and I am trying to figure out how to cut the holes for my exhaust on the curve of the tank.

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bama...that looks awesome...I love it.  I wish I could find a tank like that laying around, so I could build a heavy duty smoker like that.  I recently built a UDS..and it works great, but I've always wanted one like you are building.



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You go Bamaboy, Can't wait to see that rig pumpin out some Qview  beercheer.gif

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um is that a sandblaster? im guessing possibly harbour freight or somthing? if so how does that work for you?

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well seems i cant read fast enough found the answer to my post up higher i appologize for stumbling

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Ok sorry It took so long to update my build,crazy weather in Alabama lately.got a little more work done on my (creation).waiting on warmer weather so I can prep the steel and paint it.IMG_20101226_164821.jpgIMG_20110105_222057.jpgIMG_20110105_221935.jpgIMG_20110105_222014.jpg

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Very nice BB! I really like how it's coming out, can't wait to see her with some paint. I'm in the process of building one of my own & am having trouble deciding on hinges for my doors. I like the way yours look & was wondering where you found them?

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These hinges are for heavy equipment doors,I was lucky enough to talk our supplier out of a coupleyahoo.gifI have been fortunate during my build to have found a few really good deals.

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