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Thanks again everyone for the welcome, not to mention the QView compliments. I have plenty of photos of all sorts of batches; everything from apples, bananas and potatoes to oysters, bacon and salt. Here is a great trick I learned. I can buy large rotisserie'd chickens for $5 each. I buy them and when they are still hot, place them in the smoker for a hour or two. The result is amazing!! So much so that I have smoked 12 at a time for co workers to enjoy them with me!

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Welcome to the forum, the qview looks amazing as well.  I would love to hear how your smoke daddy works as i am in the middle of a large build and am currently researching different smoke generators, either to buy or use for inspiration to build my own.

I'll keep you informed. It is heavily constructed and the cast end caps seem fine to me. I just fired it up 1 hour ago to test it/learn how to use it on 2 pasilla peppers, 6 mozzarella string cheese sticks, 1lb block of colby jack cheese, 3lb piece uncured turkey ham, 1/4 lb stick of butter, 6 chicken beer bratwurst sausages and 1.5 lbs bacon straight from the country butcher. We have a cold front and it is 46F in the smoker right now so it is a perfect time to experiment. I didn't hard mount the SD, rather I temporarily U bolted it to a 1x4, leaned it against a wall and put a barbed fitting/clear flex line into my MES30 wood chip hopper, sealing it with duct tape. I'll make a proper stand and for it and plug for the MES hopper later in the week...