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Test run for Thanksgiving

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Well, after a very busy month I am finally up and smoking stuff again.  Decided to do a test run on a whole turkey since i hadn't done one whole yet.  Picked up a 11# bird, mixed up a cajun brine and soaked it overnight.  Got it started, after an interruption that distrated me and ended up forgetting to apply the rub I wanted and also forgetting to do the injection I wanted.  So we were smoking a plain brined bird. 310-315 degrees and 4 hours later she was 172 degrees and on a tray.  As it actually cooked a bit faster than I figured, I triple foiled and two towels and set to rest.  Turned out very well.  Used applewood for smoke and coke for a spritz.  Sorry no qview but just plain forgot along the way.  On a side note, I love the Maverick ET-901 temp probe I got a while back.  So much easier to not be checking the food all the time when you have something else you can do and still monitor temps.

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Congrats on the test run.  I have gotten distracted before too and it is nice when the smoke still comes out good

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No pics didn't happen. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif That's the rule. Sorry to bust chops.

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