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Some sunday wings

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Being swamped at work for the last six weeks I've been slacking and jonesin wings. So today I made me a

batch. I used some rub that I got from "BMUDD" from my first T-down great stuff brian and also some dried

bell pepper powder from "forloveofsmoke" recipe, just powder also great stuff. I put them in the spice grinder

for a second and into a spaghetti jar, with that I added some tarragon vinegar, some canola oil and some

myers rum. Gave a shake and onto the wings and let it set overnight.  I TBS'ed them with a chunk of hickory I

soaked and some oak chips. I did crisp them up in the roaster oven to finish. I was really impressed with the

flavor profile on these. These were done on the sparky. Enjoy, I did. icon_cool.gif



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Great looking wings there!  Need to make some of those soon!  I like the idea of the powdered peppers, too.

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Those look great. Glad you liked the flavor profile

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good lookin' wings.............

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sounds great, I love me some good homemade wings.

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Good Looking Wings You Got There Meateater...

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Good looking wings my friend -

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Now thats some great looking wings there ME. I really like some good old smoked wings now.

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