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My September Throwdown Entry, RonP and Yoshida's

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Realized that I never got around to putting my write up together on my RonP entry.

He started to PM me a long time ago.  He loved to exchange information 
about methods and foods.  He started calling me one day when the phone 
rings and his statement was "I found your cell phone number listed online, you 
seem like and interesting guy so I thought we should start talking a couple 
times per month."

OK, and from there he would call usually while I was driving my truck to some 
place or back from some place.  He really liked to hear about the catering 
we do.  He had his own place for a long time and really wanted to know what 
was the same and what had changed.

His biggest complaint to me about smoking was he could never eat when it was 
done cause he had ate so much of it cooking it.  Hence my entry was a 
tribute to ron by not plating the meal.  I did not show both meats I made 
in his honor because I could not figure out how to get both smokers into one 
picture.  But this to me was the RonP I came to know.....

So to the entry:  Ron and I talked a lot about whole meal smokes... and so 
the smoked salsa side was born two years ago.


This was the accompanying brisket to the RonP Yoshida's throwdown.  It was 
kind of sad making this smoke as I really started to realize Ron would not make 
it to Smokin' in the Rockies again and would no longer be calling on Friday 
while I was driving to or from somewhere.  But I realized at least I had 
the chance to know this wonderful person who was a weird as I am.


As the salsa vegetables I took from the garden start to cook down in the smoke 
they take on that yum look!



The pork riblets (trimming from St Louis Ribs) and the brisket came out 
excellent and the salsa was really deep in flavor and hot as heck.


RIP ronp I hope your widow has family around this holiday season to help her 
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Nice tribute to ronp

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Excellent tribute!

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Really, Really nice tribute.

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Thanks for the pics and the tribute, Bob.

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