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Smoking ham in the south of France

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Hi all. I've got a 10.5 Kg ham on the smoker right now, using the oak tree that fell down in a storm and destroyed the barn. Not the first time I've used this wood...and boy does it taste great! Am just smoking using a large Weber with offset heat at the moment. Will be building a full smokehouse soon. I'm no expert at any of this (learning as I go) but I sure do love the taste of smoked meat. ;o)







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Welcome Allen!


Is that a fully cooked ham you're smoking?

Can you tell us more of what you're doing with that ham?


We ALL love good smoked ham,


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Welcome to SMF Allen,  You love it here, Great people great place



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Welcome and here's a link to give you some ideas

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Welcome to the forum Allen. I hope the ham turns out great.

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Holy smokes, from my math that's a 23 pound plus ham. icon_eek.gif Is my math right? Don't tip that weber over with that brute. And welcome to SMF. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Je te souhaite la bienvenue a SMF Allan,


lots of good people, info and recipes here, watch'ya thinking on building, tell us about it and looking forward to Q-view.


There is a recipe for poulet a quarent gosse d'ail in the chicken section that we braised indirect on the grill in le Creuset, most excellent.



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