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Frank Davis's Fried Turkey

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Frank is one of those local celebrities that just about everyone has to love.  In addition to doing the outdoors reports for the local television station he has also published numerous well recieved cookbooks.  I thought I would post this link to his method for Frying a Turkey since I am sure many of us will be doing this for Thanksgiving.


He does use 2 llbs of bacon in the peanut oil, something I have never tried and he does not recommend injecting the turkey before frying.  You may want to give it a quick read.



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I agree that everyone should be safe when frying turkeys.  Having said that, I've been deep frying turkeys for 20 years and have always injected them.  I use Cajun Injector's Creole Butter marinade almost exclusively.  When I slice into one, the marinade oozes out from the meat so the theory that frying expels the injection doesn't hold up. 

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I think Frank is half right on this.  I have noticed that some of the injected seasonings end up in the oil, but I also find the seasoning that stays in the bird adds a great flavor and moisture.   I am a bit interested in the way he seasons the oil with bacon before/while frying the bird.  It is not uncommon to season frying oil before cooking fish or poultry. 


If we do the smofrukey we are seasong both the bird and the oil with all that good smoke flavor.

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The bacon thing is interesting but like Bassman we've been frying Turkey's for well over 25 years and I have and will continue to inject them before frying

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We have always done turkeys in straight hog lard.

I bet you could mix peanut and hog lard and get good results.

Bacon is very interesting though.

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