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Nope. The veggies have all the sugar you need.

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I like it.............................icon14.gif



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My experience has been that it works just fine. And there is a big difference between chlorinated tap water and bottled water. Maybe not so much for you and I, but for fermentation there is.

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I might give it a try, but I don't think Aquafina or most other bottled waters are a good choice. Many are just the same as tap water, only bottled. Buying or making your own distilled seems safer.

Nestle Pure Life  is the cleanest bottled water you can find.  My wife did a big search to see which one was best, and Nestle kept winning on all the different ppls trails. We used to do the Smart Waters, but Nestle beat them out also,, Just miss the taste of the Smart Water

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solaryellow, don't know how I missed this one. Sorry my friend. I pray I remember this thread next year (why do I discover this stuff during the winter ?)

If you can remember, how long did you keep in the fridge to get rid of the "salry taste" ?

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Joel, I missed it too.....  FWIW, the fermented pickles I did, one horseradish leaf really added crispness to the test pickles over the grape leaf...   I'm gonna do the chili's nest season...   

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