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Sausage Stuffer Help???

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Hello friends,


I know I haven't posted much lately, mostly because of the time difference and also I'm very busy, but I read most of your threads late at night, and I want to say you have helped me very much, given me many great recipes and I want to take the opportunity to say thanks because you are my only contact with the real world.


For the last 10 months I have been collecting the necessary items to make sausage, the last hurdle was the casings, but I was finally able to order some collagen casings from New Zealand, Thursday was a holiday so with all of my "goodies" and after reading all of the posts about hot dogs I was able to smoke 10 lbs using Rytek's recipe, they were excellent!


However..., it took 2 1/2 hours to stuff them using my meat grinder, for the first time, after not having a hot dog in over 20 years, it was "fun" but, not something I'm not looking forward to doing again. 


From what I've read here I'd like to buy the Grizzly 5 lb vertical stuffer, but they won't sell it to me unless I spend over $200, Lem or Northern will, but they will ship it DHL or FedEx at over $250 shipping after it arrives here.


Is there any member here that is willing to buy a stuffer and send it to me US Postal Service Air Mail?  The least hassle would be for me to pay their PayPal account, the stuffer is $80 and the postage amount from the US Post Office site is about $75 for a total of $155.


If anyone is interested PM me and we can work out the details.


If this is against site rules or policy I apologize and the mods can delete this.





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check your PM

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Thank you Bmudd.



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Brian that one good guy there. If he doesn't help you out just let me know.

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Yes he is Mark and thank you for your offer.



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