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It's been a long time

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I have been out of the SMF loop for quite some time, I think I have only been on a couple of times since the site was revamped.  Love the new site and looking forward to getting back to smoking.  The people here have a wealth of knowledge and I believe everything I put in the smoker comes out better because of the information I have acquired from this site.  Thank you all and I look forward to posting some Qview.

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Welcome back and I am looking forward to Qview of your smokes

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Welcome back.

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Welcome back! Looking forward to Q-view!

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Welcome back and it good to have you back again. Now go smoke something and lets see if you have lost anything.

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Glad to have you back around D.

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Hey Dennis, good to see you're back again. I'll be looking forward to your posts,.

 In the mean time, chat it working good so stop in. dang it!!!


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Hey guys I know who you are talking about and his screen name is smokingd, mine is smokingnd, didn't realize that until after i had signed up a couple years ago.  Sorry for the mistaken identity.  Martin

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Welcome back!

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