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The Journey to the frozen Tundra

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As many of you know I'm heading to New Jersey for work and pleasure. Now I will remodel a bathroom and then meet the wife, our middle daughter and her husband in the great New York City. So as I travel up the east coast with the wife in tow we are heading to Baltimore to visit with our #2 grand daughter and our only 2 grand sons. Now as always I bring a few trinkets for all to enjoy.

So lets start out with some Pork loin stuffed with feta and fresh baby spinach.

 IMG_0098.jpg picture by mballi3011

 IMG_0105.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now we have to inspect and do all the taste testing don't we??

 IMG_0100.jpg picture by mballi3011

Ok so the sone is coming home on Dec 7 from germany and one of his favorite meals is Hot Dogs so with all the fatties being made last month I thought that would be good for Don's return

 IMG_0109.jpg picture by mballi3011

 IMG_0115.jpg picture by mballi3011

Then we move on to Some food for the new york folks and the of about 40 or so. Now we are having a gathering of Bob's the banjo player and some of his buddies for a great big Smoke Out or atleast thats what his daughter maryliz is billing it as. So I'll start with some pulled pork.

 IMG_0103.jpg picture by mballi3011

The normal rubbed with jeff's rub and ready for the nitey nite in the refrig.

 IMG_0107.jpg picture by mballi3011

 IMG_0114.jpg picture by mballi3011

My cousin Jeanie sent me some corned beef and pastrami from the worlds famous Katz's in Manhatten. So it was good but I thought that my corned beef is better so I just had to make one to compare with.

 IMG_0116.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now heres the corned beef. I had to get a close up. Now it needs is a little steaming for YummO

 IMG_0118.jpg picture by mballi3011

Now for the pastrami part in all of this. It alittle rub made out of fresh cracked black pepper, juniper berries, coriander,  Hungerian paprika, bay leaves, mustard seeds, and few more I can't think of.

 IMG_0119.jpg picture by mballi3011

So now it into the smoker with some nice apple wood to bring it to the ever so yummy pastrami.

 IMG_0122.jpg picture by mballi3011

Let me tell you I might have something here. This one is really good and it might have a chance against the Katz's. I'll have to get back with you on that one. I really also have to think about the wife that I'm leaving home. So I did a turkey and some pork loin and some pulled pork for to munch on while I'm gone up north freezing my buns off. So here's a nice and warm turkey.

  IMG_0112.jpg picture by mballi3011

 IMG_0123.jpg picture by mballi3011

So Iknow it just a turkey breast but she has 3 more birds in the freezer. Well I hope that you like this couple days of smoking as I did. It was fun but after all of this the most fun is watching everyone enjoy the foods that I have made. You just can't beat that feeling. So thanks   Mark

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Well Mark I hope that bathroom remodel pays well cause it looks like you alreay spent more that you possible make on that fantastic spread. Hope you have some huge coolers to take all that up there.  It all looks fantastic and I am sure it will be well received. Have a fantastic trip and dont forget the camera.

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That's about as awesome a display of Fine "Smokery" (stupid spell-check never heard of that word) as I have ever seen!


It's not that cold up here yet. There's gonna be a bunch of people eating really good, thanks to a great Gator Chef!


Thanks for all the outstanding Qview,



Here's one of these for you too---> PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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WOW!  That is a big, fine batch of food!!  I would love to know more about the pork loins and that pastrami. It's hard to beat the fun of cooking up a bunch of food for family and friends.  Have a great trip, hope you find some awesome road food, too!

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Looks great Mark. Have a great trip

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I just ate lunch and now I am hungry again. Fantastic spread Mark! Have a safe trip.

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Yes indeed they will be eating well. Now we are on our way north to baltimore for the first leg and yes I do have the camera in tow. Heck I almost need a trailor for the food yet all my tools too. Stupid tools always getting in the way.

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It all looks great Mark have a safe trip up there

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