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This was just a test run to see if the smoke would flow. Lots to do, the temp held at 250 (4-5 hrs) no problem. The door covering didn't melt, do I need to change it if it survives? It appears to be bakilite (spelling?) If changed, galv sheet metal would be ok ? Image[1].jpg

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Well switched out the door cover for a sheet of alum, removed rubber door gasket.  Stapled high temp rope to oak that was behind door edge trim (nice seal). Got the racks in.  Will eventually build a firebox to replace the drum. 

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Interesting build. That gives me some ideas that my HOA will most likely disapprove of. 


How hot does it get with the heat source directly under it like that?

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If you build a BIG fire you can get flames in the frigde. I have a dampner in the riser pipe, it's easy to maintain any temp from 110 to 300 with fire size.  It hold 225 - 250 great.

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I like the simplicity of it. As for your original question, galvanized has a bit of a stigma attached to it. While it is definitely dangerous at very hot temps, the chances of reaching those temps is pretty minute. That being said, I think most would agree that it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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new door cover (old aluminum swimin pool)  test meat that pasted the test

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Thats a interesting build. Looks like it may not take much of a fire to keep temps. Awhile back I spotted a double door commercial frig at the salvage, 100 bucks back then. Last trip I still saw it, if its there next trip I am gonna offer 50 bucks. I think the frig idea is marvelous.

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Update:  Put a propane burner (fryer) in the barrel, used the rest of fryer as a support for a cast pan for dust.  Works better, things don't seem to get over smoked. Now it's more a Set It & Forget It smoker.  I want to eliminate the barrel so I'm searchin for a smaller steel tank or box that will hold everthing. I still want room to have a fire just in case the LP runs out on a Sunday afternoon. It's puttin out some fine food. 

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