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Bless all those that contributed, Thanks Todd for doing that.

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Thank You Todd & others for a lot of great work!


And May God Bess ALL of Our Troops & Their Families!!!



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Great job Toddster!

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Here is a reply (mainly for Todd) from my son who is deployed to a small country on the gulf in the middle east.

Written 29Dec10.


Dad must have given my name to folks offering to send care packages to troops.  I received my seond today.  They're filled to the top with candy, popcorn (microwave and popcorn balls), playing cards, hand sanitizer, kleenex packs, deoderant, bars of soap and even jars of spices!  Holly Cow!


This seems almost too much of a good thing.  I'll be sure to give out as much as I can.  So I suppose I will donate some of the toiletries to the Red Cross at the air terminal, where they have bins for airmen, soldiers and marines returning to or from theater.  The hand sanitzer & soap will go and the lounge there could use the candy and a few of the popcorn packs.



So special thanks to Todd and to those who sent him things to mail out.


BTW, for anyone who has a distant relative -- especially someone deployed, SKYPE is a good thing.  We used my little notebook that has a built in webcam to let my son have video of our family gathering on Christmas Evening.  He doesn't have a webcam, so we could not see him but he appreciated being able to see his wife and the rest of us.   Calls from one SKYPE computer to another are free.  For a fee of about $30 per year, he can use SKYPE to call any landline or cell phone in the US.

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Todd, my brother in law said thank you!  He really enjoyed the stuff you sent, especially the letters from the kids. 


I wanted to say thank you for doing this as well.  Great thing!!

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