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I've bought the chunks from the Depot. Pretty good deal here.I've also bought chips which I wrap in foil and poke holes in it. A suggestion from one of the guys here.The chips last longer.


I also put the word out to my buddys in the country.every time they take a hardwood or fruitwood down they drop off limbs 3-4" dia. and 4-6' long. Those prices are the best free.

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To bad you don't live close to me I trimmed my honey crisp apple tree in March and have a pile of apple wood I am about to burn in my fire pit because I have more than I can use. I'll bet there are people near you that have the same situation. Vermont is full of maple which is a good smoking wood. Get a saw and go hunting.

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google Western wood chips...

Amazon sells chips,

BJ's warehouse does as well


Online will get you more selection.... buy MORE than you think you will need.... A) it's cheaper by bulk   B) once you get started smoking meat, you have to do it more often... and NO... there is no 12 step program for this

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I came across this in my Seattle CL:


It might not do some of you any good but do a search on your local CL under "APPLE WOOD"

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Take about bringing back a necrotic thread... I don't buy chips anymore, I go to the Depot store; I have a camping axe if need be. I like being able to not have to add wood every hour or so. I think the record for the longest lasting batch of chunks is 3 hours or so.

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An excellend source for all smoking wood - chips, logs, real wood pellets -



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Amazon - free shipping
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