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I know you said you've looked online, but take a peek at www.samssmoker.com. Prices are reasonable, lots of variety & I think shipping isn't too bad.
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For us Canadians....smokinlicious canada

I did a smoke tonight using chips on my Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker. Never again. Chunks only from now on...
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have you tried Ebay, or Fruitawood.com

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I live on Long Island as well, I ve purchase the following woods from Walmart ,and HomeDepot in suffolk .Cherry, Apple, Hickory, Pecan,Mesquite, and  Jack Daniells brand chips. as well they also carry them in chunks as well.

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I buy large bags of apple wood at Home depot for about $20. The have large chunks and some smaller pieces in the same bag. I have used them with about seven smokes and still have over a quarter of a bag left over. They also sell Hickory, peach, and Mesquite.

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I don't know if you have Menard's up your way, but they're selling bags this week of .99....they're not big bags, but cheep none the less.



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try bass pro shop or dicks sporting goods

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I live in Southern VT. I find different wood varieties in NH @ HomeDepot

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Can also check out Amazon, they have various sellers and can find most wood types

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For my apple wood, While driving around one day. I saw a huge pile of tree trimmings from someones small personal orchard. I stopped and asked if by chance they would be interesting in getting rid of some. I had told the nice older lady what I wanted it for. She then said help yourself and take what you can use. I only had to cut it up and haul away. I personnel rather use chunks then chips, they burn longer.

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I also got some good ole VT Maple the same way from some one. I saw hem cutting it down. I said hey if your looking to git rid of that I would be interested in it. They kindly said if you can have it gone by the end of the day it's yours. I went back about an hour later, they had it all cut into chunks and piled by the road for me to just load in my truck.

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Smokilicious has a lot of nice choices for woods and sizes: chips, chunks, and more.  Shipping is included in their prices, so if you see something you like and can handle their prices, you won't get charged more for shipping.  I've used their shred/chips before and it was all quality stuff.  While chunks are nice and last longer, if you want more precise control for limited smoking or cold smoking, chips are much easier to use.  But for long smokes with higher temps, chunks are nice!

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Like Dale said, check out Lowe's or Home Depot.  I got hickory, cherry, apple and they have others.  4.99 to 9.99 per bag


Good Luck



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If your local Walmat does not carry them, you can buy on line and have them delivered to the store, saving shipping costs.
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Go to amazon.com and do a simple search for "wood chips". You will find just about every flavor of chip you want and most of them qualify for "free super saver shipping". That means if you buy at least $25 dollars worth, which would be around 5 bags worth, the shipping is free. Keep in mind that all of the bags need to be qualified for this free shipping, but there is no problem find them. Some good deals on there too.

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Popped into Menards yesterday to grab some cedar planks, and noticed they had Mesquite & Hickory Chips on sale for .99 a bag 

sale runs until the 7th.   get'em while they're the on the cheep.

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Academy Sports store has a wide selection of wood chips here in SC- don't know if you have that chain where you are. Prices are $4-8.00 per bag and they have chunks as well 

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You might try Craigslist. I have gotten a lot of free wood from people who just want it hauled off. Just be careful of what kind you are getting and make sure it's clean like MarkBeer said. I now have gotten Oak, Pecan, and Cherry wood that way. Looking for some Apple and Peach as well.
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I agree about Amazon, and their prices are surprisingly good. Shipping is free if you're a Prime member, which sweetens the deal.

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I  find applewood chips at my local Walmart.



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