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A couple of UDS build questions...

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I found a company here that will sandblast the inside of TWO drums for me, for $50 total.

From ALL the research I've done, this is the only way to go when it comes to the "dreaded red liner" I have in my food grade drums!  :-)  I attacked the liner on the drum LID last night with my weed burner, and I could hear the red liner laughing at me...

If it's going to be that hard to clean the lid - I'm not interested in trying the drums!


Question # 1:  What can I use to seal up the hole where I want to run my remote temp. probe wires?  I plan to drill a 3/16" - 1/4" hole for my Maverick temp. probes, but I don't want any air leaking in at that point.  I'd like an idea that is permanent - as opposed to just jamming some tin foil in there.  :-)   Anyone have any sort of idea for a gasket in that hole?


Question #2:  I'm building oneUDS for me and one for my dad for Christmas.  For his, I just want to install a high quality temp. dial gauge - as he won't be interested in buying the Maverick remote least not at first.  What do you recommend I buy and install as far as the size and the brand of temp gauge?  I know there are a lot of them out there, but I want a good and accurate one.  I'm planning to install it RIGHT below the inside cooking grate.



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On the hole for the meat probe to go thru ,I've just drilled a 1/4 inch hole and not worried about making it air tight and not had any problems with them .Even with a Weber grill lid you,re going to get some air leaking in/out and with your ball vavle you can control any extra air that leaks in .

  For the Temp gauge , I 've had good luck with the ones Cabala carries but i would still check it in boiling water to see how

accurate it is  

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I have two notches at the top of my frum, 180 degrees apart, for my rotisserie spit. I lay my wires in those..

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