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Sick Squirrel!!

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Hey Everyone!


Our favorite little Squirrel is sick today and needs a little "Love" from her SMF Family!!!


Please send her a PM & sign on to this "Get Well Thread"



"Get Well Soon My Favorite Friend Girl!"




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Squirrel/Cheryl Please get well very soon. We all love hearing the things that your twisted mind comes up with. I hope everything is alright but if you need anything I'm only a couple hours away. Hey I make some sweet Bbq Sushi. Then I can a big fat fattie too. Not the snakes and lava flowing fatties that you do thou.

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C'mon Squirrel!

Get better real quick!

You are the life of this party!

We all love you too much!

Hopefully it was just a bad nut or acorn.


Come back to us real soon,


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I hope you feel better soon Squirrel.

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Get better soon we enjoy your posts and the things you come up with

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Get better soon my friend!!!!

 Don't make me show any more naked squirrel pics.

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Hurry and get well Squirrel we miss you...Photobucket


PS: Is the Squirrel Flu worse than the Bird Flu or Swine Flu???


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OH NO NOT SQUIRRLEY GIRL!!! Say it ain't so Sweetie!  Take a double shot of bourbon and go back to bed...It will get better soon.

MMMM   MMMMM   Still lovin yo nuts!  Take care!



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Get well soon Cheryl,


We need your craziness.

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If the double shot of bourbon doesn't work, take a double shot of brandy.  At least you'll rest better.  Get well.  We're waiting to see what you conjure up for Thanksgiving.  Besides, it's getting boring around here.

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I forgot to mention----




Sad Bear

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OK Girl it is time for you  to shake this thing and get back to enjoying life again. We love and miss ya here

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Cant say it better then the others have. Get well soon Cheryl

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Sick, depraved, twisted, kinky Squirrel...........


Oh! not that kind of "sick"... sorry  Get better soon Cheryl otherwise the guys at the firehouse are gonna starve, and we all miss you, plus Bear would start moping and ain't nothing worse than a mopy Bear.

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Hope you get well soon Squirrel!! 

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Hope you get better soon it is a beautiful day and we dont have many of those left this year!



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C'mon Squirrel---Please get well !


Now pull that cover up, and keep warm!






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Get well soon. Missing all that delicious Q-View.

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Your a tough one, just rub some dirt on it.... Thats what was told growing up. ;)~

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Hey Squirrel, ya gotta get well soon if you're gonna do more of that dry aged beef I loved looking at so much...


Hope to see you back up and around in squirrely shape soon!



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