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Smoked a couple of racks of spares this weekend w/Qview

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I cooked one rack with my normal recipe with a hickory and cherry smoke mix and another rack, I smoked with a new rub and used hickory 'pellets' to experiment. 


Rack one, my 'usual':


I trim the excess fat off a 5.5-6.5 lbs rack of spare ribs, score a diamond pattern slightly around the entire rack on both sides, and coat lightly with mustard before adding a homemade rub, which includes my signature ingredient--jalapeno powder along with red pepper, small amount of brown sugar and paprika for color.  I use it as a rub in all the BBQ that I cook because I love it so much and people often can't place the ingredient despite liking it. 




I then wrap them up in foil and let them sit over night.  You can do a quick rub but I think the overnight prep helps get the rub down inside the scores.


I then smoked this rack at 220F on a Weber grill (indirect setup) for 4 hours then finished in foil, and allowed to slowly rest in a cooler of blankets.  I used hickory and cherry mix only for this smoke, although I often use walnut and pecan.  I spritzed these ribs on both sides every hour with a mixture of apple juice, olive oil and a snort of apple cider vinegar.


The end result:




And here is one of the end ribs:




The other ribs were smoked with hickory pellets that I found at the store and wanted to try out, but with the same setup, at 220F for 4 hours in Weber grill (indirect).  I also spritzed them apple juice/olive oil/apple cider vinegar concoction every hour on both sides.




The hickory smoke taste was very distinct.  I tried out the 'Head Country Championship Rub' this time and was very impressed with it as a store-bought rub.  I hate all-spice and this has none... which makes it a notch above a lot of the storebought rubs out there in my opinion.


These were very tasty.




Hope you all enjoy the food porn--it was very delicious!  Can't wait to smoke some more spare ribs soon!


Bon appetit!

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Looks like those turned out good.

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Not sure how I missed your post from the 10th, but those ribs do look delicious.  Your rub recipe sounds interesting with the jalapeno powder too! 

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That's the second time recently i've run across the 'Pepper Powder" idea.  I'd like to experiment with that from my garden next year.  Those ribs look great!!

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Really great looking ribs!!!





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those look amazing, I have tow racks ging on here in just a little bit.

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Now those are some fine looking ribs and I really like to see some ribs that aren't all hacked up. Alot of folks here like to cut the ribs into the St. Louis style ribs. I don't trimm anything from ribs to brisket and pork butts or shoulders.

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NICE  RACK PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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folks, I suggest purchasing some jalapeno powder or even green chile powder if you ever get a chance.  They can both be had at nearly any gourmet store worth its salt ;)


Remember, the possibilities are endless with those powders... just last night, I mixed a tablespoon of green chile powder into a 1/3 cup sour cream, a little lemon zest and then put it on my mexican sandwiches.   It can make great toppings, salads, sauces, dips etc... it is very versatile.


Hope you all enjoyed the meat candy!

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