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Brick Cube Smoker

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Just a quick clip of the smoker in action.  Still have yet to build an official top, so for now i have recycled the old mud pan i used to build it with. Please excuse the poor moderator skills behind the camera!


Great forum, looking forward to your comments.

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George, did you use any kind of cure in your cold smoking? Unless you use a cure, it is strongly suggested to get the internal temps of the meat up above 140° as quickly as possible.


Check out the section on Cold Smoking.

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I would have top agree with dutch and say that you might want to get that temp up pretty darn quickly. Now You also want to make sure that the poultry that you are smoking on the bottom of the grates too.

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looks like a good set up but like the other comments unless you are using a cure, cold smoking meats is not a good idea......unless it's 40 deg or lower outside.

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Thanks guys, glad you all are looking out for me.  It was a very cold that day, and only cold smoked for a couple of hours.  The temp got up to where it needed to go, and all was well.  All of the 40 people who ate that day had no complaints. 


Thanks again!

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