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ground buffalo meat

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I just got about 25 pounds of ground buffalo meat no fat has been added to this just pure meat ......


looking for idea's on what i can do with this meat in a smoker, i have all ready made the usual ....chilli , burgers etc. and still have a bunch of it left


Thanks in advance !!      

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Meatloaf would be good and they taste great smoked

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Stuffed peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, etc...

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Hey how about a twist on Moink's you could do Boink's!  Maybe add a little sausage to the buffalo for some fat and wrap in bacon with a cube of cheese in the middle.

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summer sausage would be my choice.

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Buffalo fattie ??

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Juicy Lucy!  Just had one about a week ago with smoked pepper jack cheese inside.  YUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!

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I'm really liking the meatloaf and summer sausages are sounding good too. Now I have never had buffalo meat before but it has to be good. Now the meatballs or moink balls are pretty uses I'm think too.

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My dad works at a hunting ranch and got a ton of buffalo meat because I guy wanted to shoot one and didn't want the meat.  Complete idiot but it was my gain so more power to him.  It was mostly ground as well and man that stuff is good.  It's got a natural taste this is amazing.  Burgers with mushrooms and blue cheese... I didn't know about the stufz deal before joining this site but holy crap.  I'm gonna have to get one to make a few of these bad boys. 

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My father in law has buffalo and I live right next to his pasture, needless to say but I eat buffalo much more often than beef. With how lean buffalo is, cooking low and slow is my best advise to get the best taste out of the meat. Beef cooks much quicker because the fat is cooking internally in the meat, all buffalo has is the heat you provide for it. Also remember, bacon compliments any lean meat!

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