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First try at Canadian and Buckboard Bacon

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Well after a long dry spell of none smoking due to work, now back into retirement I decided to try and make some cured meats.  I have looked at several places here in Thailand to find some curing salts, however no help.  On another forum I found some one to bring me 3 bags of Morton's Tenderquick.


I used Cowgirl's basic method to cure, however I just used a dry rub, and cured it for 10 days and then rinsed it in cold water for 2 hours, then dried it in the fridge for a day.  Sorry I don't have a lot of pictures, the camera is broken so I used the vid to do these.


In the fridge drying for a day.




getting ready for the smoker.






Taste Test





Sliced Buckboard






Sliced Canadian












This was a sample run with no spices on cured and smoked over hickory and apple.  I sold everything out in 2 days.  Just finished my second batch with post later after I get them uploaded.



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nice.......try a little black pepper and granuated garlic and onion on the buckboard for the smoke.

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Looks Great...

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Looks good and I agree with Rob on the spices

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Thanks for the replys guys.  I have done another batch since then using the same recipie.  This is test marketing for selling this in a local market without turning a hobby into a job.  The wife thinks I'm crazy.



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Looks good from here Chalee.....   It goes really  well  as snacks ( pupus) with your beverages..

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i can see your dry spell wasnt on the pallet side.....nice stock of liquids. but why not use a food saver and vacum pack them

beauties. oh got to tell the little lady you need a new toy

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Got the vacuum packer ............. new pic's coming soon



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Great Job!


As Rob said, add some garlic and pepper.  I also add some Allspice and Cayenne Pepper for a little kick.  It's not strong, but adds a nice flavor.


You could also coat the outside with Bracked Black Pepper, before you smoke and have a very nice "Peppered Bacon" when finished.


Lots of variations...




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That BB looks great. I agree with the guys before me on adding some spices. From the looks of the fridge you are going to need to send for one or two of us to help with some inventory management on the Heinekin noidea[1].gif  Just sayin

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Well this is my second batch.  Haven't got anything else curing except some pork bellies.  This was another batch of BBB and CB, here are some pic's .
















Here are a few pic's of the pork belly












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Are you really in Thailand?


Who do you sell your bacon to?


Looks Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I've been in Thailand since 1998.  Most of it is sold to friends right now.  Been smoking for awhile now and thought that I would venture over into sausage making and making bacon.  Pork is easy to get over here and it is usally fresh.  My Thai wife thinks I'm stupid for doing this.  It's a hobby that keeps me busy and I provide a pure product without chemicals.  I have a copy of small pubs that are interested.  Curing takes a lot longer to do so people have to tell me in advance whaat they want.  Plus it's hard finding TQ or any other cures over here.



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Looking good from here!

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Cheap, try a pharmacist for the nitrates/nitrites and mix your own (carefully).

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looks great! keep up the good work

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Why not buy your cure off line and have it shipped in ? That's what I did when I couldn't find what I need locally.  Now I have made several new contacts that buy in bulk and sell me what small amounts that I need. Just a thought......BTW that bacon looks Delicious......

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Everything looks really great!


One suggestion:

When I do my dry curing, I like to do one piece in each bag, and flip it every day.


When you do so many at once, you may want to do the wet cure in a bucket or something, so you can put a lot in one container & forget about them until the curing time is up.

Check into some of "Pops" Bacon posts.


Nice Qview too!




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Well here are a few photo's of the finished project





Well anybody got any ideal why the pic will not load, I did it the same as all my other pic's?



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Everything looks great Charlee.. I can't wait to see the bacon smoked and sliced. they look like some meaty bellies.

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