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Another Pork Butt

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Here's a pork butt I did yesterday. I usually get the biggest one i can find but bought the smallest one this

time. I made a injection with this amazing taste seasoning  marinade I found. I mixed it with some water and

several different hot sauces "habanero" and injected it right in the cryovac after I washed the cryovac. I let it

sit over night and the next day I rubbed it down with my wet rub and it sat overnight and smoked it the next

day. I soaked a big chunk of hickory and a small chunk of mesquite for a few days and smoked it in the

sparky UDS until 160* and foiled it till 205* This was the most stubborn butt I've done. I've had them twice this

size just cruise on through and this one hung at 145* for about 2 1/2 hours. I will say this is the best tasting

butt I've smoked so far, reason why....I couldn't tell you. The sparky ran at 225* + -. Enjoy 





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Juicy lookin butt.....Hmmmm(doesn't sound right)! I have often injected in the cryovac bag, It works great, as you have demonstrated! Nice Job

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Looks good Meat. What does the Amazing Taste taste like?

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Oh man. Thats gotta be good. habanero sauce is great, separates the sissys from the non sissys. I love hot sauce on my pulled pork sammies but have never tried injecting with it. Stalls are annoying but its part of the game right?

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Looks great,raptor you think that sounds and my Friends call them booties,let some one over hear ya saying,man that's a juicy booty ya got

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Looks good Meat. What does the Amazing Taste taste like?

it taste AMAZING................sheeeze!

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Thanks all, Raptor, the bag is paid for why not use it, Scar, it tasted like pork I like this stuff, no I love this stuff gotta try it,   Stevo, ya gotta try injecting habs that's the ticket right there, I also generously cover pork with hab sauce after, I'm a heat junky!   Stalls don't bother me just crack open another cold one. Rob, LMAO!

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so how much heat did it gain from the habs?

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Originally Posted by chefrob View Post

so how much heat did it gain from the habs?

 Not overbearing but then my heat sensors are higher than most. Most might want to try a jalapeno or cayenne sauce first.  I didn't want to over load the injection, but I keep a bottle handy by the plate.

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Hey meateater,Have you ever tried Marie Sharps habanero sauces.most definitely my favorite.....

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