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As Veterans Day approaches

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I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all Veterans and Currently Serving for their selfless dedication to one of the most underpaid jobs in the US.  Without you, we'd not enjoy the freedoms we have.  I know we have many members of SMF who have adult children currently serving in harms way.  Keep them in your hearts and prayers.  It's the least we can do.  Thanks for helping maintain a way of life too many take for granted but you know the price.  Freedom is not free.



Been there, done that and have the dirty T-Shirt.

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Couldn't have said it better!  My brother serves in the Army as a linguist as has done 2 tours in Afghanistan. Thank you to him and everyone else that serves for our freedom wether they believe in the cause or not.  Thanks Dave

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We agree and yes we do owe everyone of them and Thank You and a pat on the back too. We to have a son thats now out of harms way from Iraq and is still in Germany now. Just awaiting return to the states in December.

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We can never take then for granted. Have family serving now. Thank you all that have served for our freedoms.

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Dave you covered it all and thanks for posting it.

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I'd like to thank the soldiers for a reason most people don't even think of:


As a Vietnam Veteran, I wore & still wear my Vietnam Veteran hat, because even though I did not agree with why we were there, I did my job the best I could because I am a proud American.


When I came back the only people to welcome me home was my family and "some" of my friends.


Then along came Desert Storm. The US & her allies (mostly the US) kicked a lot of butt, and were congratulated for it. Right around that time, about 20 years after I came home, people started seeing my hat & saying "Welcome Home" to me. I still hear it now & then.


It took a bunch of more modern day soldiers kicking some butt to get people to appreciate soldiers doing there jobs.


I only hope now that the butt kicking is mostly over and the soldiers are doing a lot of the "winning hearts and minds", instead of the part that nobody can match the USA , that people don't go back the way they were 40 years ago.


US soldiers do what they do because they love their country, and we owe them a lot!




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Couldn't have said it better Dave. Thanks you to all that serve past or present. Special thoughts go out to all those with family serving currently and to our SMF family members that are presently serving

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Thanks for the post.  Our son is currently in the middle east -- but hopefully not in harms way this time.

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