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1st Smoker Build

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I am currently in the process of building my first smoker.  The pit is 20" diameter x 40" lg. made from rolled 10awg steel.  I am going to mount this on a small 40" X 48" (kit) trailor, just for ease of movement.  Check out some of the pics of the build below. We are building 3 of them.


This is the pit after we got the end caps welded on and the butt seam on the bottom side.

The Pit.jpg


This is once we get the fire box end caps welded on and the butt seam on the bottom side.

Full Assy.jpg


All 3 of the smokers (fireboxes are not attached)...

All Three.jpg


We are doing 2 smokers like this...they will have front and side shelves and also will have wheels.

Smoker - Nov. 7th_1.JPG



Here is a 3-D image (I am a drafter) that I modeled of what my rig will look like when I am done...  I got doors rolled out to so I plan on using my cut-out as my RF convection plate. I also just designed my own trailor wheels, they do not actually look like this. lol.


Smoker Assembly - 10-26-2010.jpg



One question I have is, does it matter which side of the pit the firebox is on?  Typically on store bought smokers, I see them on the left but in most custom builds, I see them on the right?  Is that just a preference thing or does it have meaning behind it? Any input is appreciated as this is my first build.

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If you are pulling that smoker down the road and the fire box is on the left , It is sticking out into oncoming traffic. Right side it's away from the traffic.

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I'm with Bob and your fire box is way too far out there. I think that you need to spin it around 90° to either side and then you can access the fire box from the rear of the trailor and the cooking box on the sides.

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If you did choose to turn the smoker 90*, you could mount 2 smokers on the trailer with opposing doors......  (just an idea)  Lookin forward to your build, Good luck

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Another thought with your design: won't that baby be "tongue light" with all that weight behind the axle?  Do ya plan on having a ice chest and a wood box, etc on the front to balance that thing out?

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Yes, I am going to mount a small gas grill that I have and I am going to do expanded metal baskets in the front to hold wood, charcoal, tools stuff like that.  I've also got a couple older leveling jacks from a pop-up camper that I am going to mount on the back of the trailor.  That way when it's not hooked to my truck, I can just release the jacks and it will stand on its own. 

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