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Took a weekend off

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So I have had my smoker 2 months and cooked on it every other weekend. This has caused my wife to talk me into taking a weekend off so I decided to look into a few of my issues I have been having. 


Issue 1: My feelings that my temp gauges in the grill are not reading true. I have these:



So I went from this back to my original gauges they are these



Secondly I fixed my charcoal basket issue by hacking off the top of my basket. This gave me ash clearance for long cooks and helps to keep my coals together. 


Lastly I added a cookie sheet deflector into the cooking chamber.


I will post pics of the last 2 mods once it warms up sometime today. 


Now Im ready to start cooking again and hopefully get better results. Just need some ideas on what to cook now. In 2 weeks comes my big turkey smoke for thanksgiving 

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I guess the wife didn't say anything about working on the smoker now did she.

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