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Old Tank Prices

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I've started looking around for old propane tanks to do a build, mainly a 160 or a 250.  What's a decent price for one?  Tough to find in my area but I see something pop up every now and then. 

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I think around here there going for anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks for retired tanks from the local propane supply.


Good Luck in your search.

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Call the local Propane company and ask. I got mine for free from one here.

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Do a little research , Find out what the scrap iron prices are in your area. This gives you a starting point in deciding what you will pay for a tank.  That's what most of them get sold for.

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Prices for tanks range 50 cents a gallon to a buck a gallon around here. 

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Thanks everyone. 


I've got an abandoned propane tank farm not too far from me but not getting any response from anyone on buying an old tank.  I'll keep trying, I'm not in too big of a hurry.

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Hi y'all, i dont know if this is still available -->

it's a free 150 gal prop tank.


BTW i think this is my 1st post here

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