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My Many Thanks Goin' Out To Squirrely Girl!

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A few weeks Back i sent a pm to a certain squirrel asking if I could purchase some of her winter stash. She graciously accepted my offer and shipped them out with speedy delivery!

7 Pounds of Pecans!!

to be continued....

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very cool...........

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It is so unlike a squirel to give up that many nuts - she must really like you

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Soo what are ya doing with my nuts man? Iz affffful cold down here.

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So the Squirrel had a stash of nuts imagine that

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Did she crack them for ya?

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Lucky man.

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Back To the Nuts!

Here is a pic of the 3 bags left that squirrel sent me...I used the fourth bag, which was half full, for this batch of Smoked Honey & Brownsugar Pecans......MMMMMMMM! 


Sorry about the flash and the white bowl!!  This is 5 cups of raw pecans

To this I added a 1/2 cup warmed honey and stirred to completly coat all pieces. Next add 1/2 tsp hickory salt and 3 TBS of brownsuger. mix well.

I spread it on a foil pan and popped in the UDS.


 Here they are going in the UDS with those fabulous Maple sausage fatties. Acouple of hours in some sassafrass smoke  @ 250*.



 MMMM!!!...... All toasted and smokey...and stuck together! Let them cool and then smack the foilpan on the counter to break them apart.



 Thanks again to Cheryl for selling me these pecans...they are very nice quality and I am lookin forward to fixin the rest of them.


Thanks for watching.



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They look great and I'll bet tasted even better

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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

They look great and I'll bet tasted even better

Wow They are addicting!   I got the people at work breathing down my neck to make more!

I'll smoke them mixed nuts though....The Pecans Are MINE!



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Man SOB you got my mouth watering. They look delicious!

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It's amazing that she could find where she had them all buried, but now I hope we don't have a hard Winter!


I guess she could always order some little peanuts, and then UPS can handle that delivery. 

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OMG Bear you are too much. I gave the UPS guy some of my nuts  then he said they were for his grandma

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Thanks for sharing squirrel's nuts with us! and I'll leave it at that... 

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Now cheryl does have some tastey nuts too. I was a lucky resipaton of a small bag of them myself. But this was when they were plentiful. I do think that she lives close enough to us here she might even be able to throw soe of them to me. So warm up that oitching arm there cheryl.

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Squirrels always know where to find good Nuts...

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