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Home made smoker $100

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I have a chance to buy a smoke for $100, it looks cool but is it worth it. I want to start smoking different kinds of meat & fish & I plan on doing a far amount if I like it as much as I think I will, so would like recommendations on diff kinds of smokers. I am totally new at this so any help will be greatly appreciated




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jump on it before someone else dose.To build that would cost more than that in parts. much less blood sweat and tears in fab work.

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Interesting design! Is it made out of a drum?
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Should be worth the price, but make sure the metal is not rusted through or thin and weak. I would look at adding a heat baffle or deflector plate, it definitely has a hot spot in the center of the grill. Also looks to have room for an upper rack if you wanted to add on.

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cool looking smoker.. I think it's worth it just check it all over and make sure there is no burnt out parts and go from there.. Happy smoking PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I agree, if it's solid, add a deflector plate and get it while the gettins good. SCORE!!sausage.gif

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A nice coat of paint & you could sell it for $200.

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Offer him 70 bucks, and go from there.

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