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Hello JoAnn

If you think you are having a problem with the thermostat give Scott over at SmokinTex a call. He is very helpful and your unit comes with a good warranty. I also have the 1400 and was talking with Scott last week about temp swings. He indicated that there will be swings when the element engages that can be up to 40 degrees but did remind me that the same thing happens in your house oven. I know this to be true as well as I have used my dual probes in the oven too.


I stopped using the chunk box completely and only use my A MAZE N SMOKER as my smoke source. Since I converted over to that my smokes come out consistant and that unit also allows me to cold smoke much better than the cold smoking plate ever did.


If you want to chat please send me a PM and I will do my best to help


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Hi JoAnn,


fellow smokin tex user here.  I guess i have been lucky with my unit as i have found the temp gauge to be pretty accurate, although in really cold weather i have noticed it takes alot longer to heat up.  my solution for getting consistent results out of it has been to use a probe thermometer that I put in the meat and i can monitor how quickly its heating up and know right when it's done.  for ribs, I do the 2-2-1 but with a little modification, so it's more like a 2-2.5-.5.  I also suggest rubbing with mustard and then applying a sweet dry rub.  It might also help to have a second probe thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the smoker itself.  Would be happy to offer you further help if you need it! 





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Hi Gary and Kevin, I have replaced the thermostat once shortly after I bought it. I still have not been able to make good smoked meat. I have ordered a new external wireless dual monitor, one for the meat and the second for the smoker itself. That should come in within the next week. As I had said earlier, I monitored the air coming out of the hole with a Taylor digital probe thermometer and shut the "tex down when the temp went over 260. I checked the swing and it wasn't going to shut down until a much higher temp was reached. The meat was ruined. But it was a test piece and the dog liked it. I will say the I found out that o0nce the smoker had been cooking for a while (2 hours) that the thermostat seemed to even out. So while the manual says don't do something like that (preheat) I think I will try that as an option as a preheat. I will check out the A MAZE N SMOKER and see if it is something I want to look at. As far as ribs are concerned, I want to get the technique down pat and then start adding to it. Thanks to all and any more ideas would be appreciated. JAM

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I have an idea that may help to combat the temperature swings as the Smokin Tex (can we start a new acronym here?  I'll just call it the STX) gets going.  I have gotten into the habit of using the drip pan that comes with the STX as a drip/liquid pan inside the smoker.  I put it on the bottom rack, under the meat to catch the drip, and i often use that drip to make bbq sauces especially when making brisket.  When i cook pork I always put liquid in the pan before starting the smoke, usually a mix of AJ and water, probably a cup or so of AJ and then a few cups of water.  This really helps the tenderness out and it will combat the dry texture you're getting. 


Additionally, this technique can help fight the temperature spikes because the liquid will absorb alot of the extra heat and just make steam when the STX gets too hot (think back to high school chemistry - remember all the heat that water absorbs as it stalls at 212 degrees before evaporating?) and it will also keep the internal temp warmer when the STX drops below your set temp by acting as an extra reservoir of heat.  I really think that this technique has helped me get consistency out of the STX.  It also keeps the STX cleaner because your drippings don't get all over the inside of the smoker.


I still wrap the meat in foil about halfway through and put a little AJ inside the foil before wrapping up tight.  Make sure the foil has a good seal because you want that steam to stay inside the foil. 


Additionally, you want to leave the smoker door open as little as possible.  If it gets too much air the wood will flame up and make unwanted soot leading to bitterness.


You might also try a light coating of yellow mustard or olive oil on your ribs before adding your rib rub.  This helps create a nice bark which will also contribute to moisture retention.


So your baby back process might go a little like this:


1. place a few ounces of wood chips or chunks in box, turn smoker dial to 220, place pan on bottom rack with apple juice and water and close door

2. remove membrane from bony side of ribs

3. apply light mustard or olive oil coating

4. sprinkle rib rub on ribs and pat into meat

5. place ribs on smoker rack 6 inches or so above the liquid pan

6. insert meat thermometer if desired, and close door; set timer at 2 hours (don't add anymore wood - the initial amount is enough)

7. at 2 hour mark, wrap ribs tightly with foil, pour in a few tbsp of apple juice before sealing foil wrap, and place foil wrapped rib rack back in smoker, set timer for 2 hours

8. at conclusion of time, remove foil, place ribs back on smoker

9. apply thin brushing of sauce if desired for wet, sticky ribs, otherwise simply take meat out of foil and put back in smoker for another hour or until desired temp is reached.  No additional wood needed for the final hour or so.

10. At the end of the last hour, remove ribs from smoker and make a little foil tent over the top of the ribs so that the sides are open.  Let sit 20 minutes or so, cut, and eat...


with this technique i have been getting good results.  I use Jeff Phillips' rub on my baby back ribs because I like the subtle heat mixed with the sweet smoky flavor it makes.  I also do not put sauce on the ribs after foiling (or even while eating! haha).


I really hope this will help you.  Please let me know what kind of results you get and please keep us apprised of your questions and results!



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