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That was the razzin bit,  they wheren't spicey enough!.

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I'll bring a bottle of oil of capsacium to kick em up a notch or 60. LOL

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Originally Posted by eman View Post

I'll bring a bottle of oil of capsacium to kick em up a notch or 60. LOL

that stuff aint no joke.

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I keep it for those that say "There aint nothing to hot for me to eat"

Wanna bet?

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I plan on being there and Bob make um hot

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Please need to put some warning labels on the very hot foods LOL I like it warm like Tabasco Chipotle but not SCREAMING like Habenaro OUCH !!!!

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I don't put that kind of heat in anything i cook to serve.

 I will boil 2 batches of mud bugs first one will be spicy second will make ya nose sweat.

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We, the 3 of us, plan to attend. The dates are perfect for us. Bring RV and staying on site.



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Love having a Steeler fan with us! Looking forward to meeting you, Tom.

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Yes sir come one come all it will be one heck of a time and some of the best meats that you will ever eat too. Now the crawfish are awesome too Hot or not they are really good. Hey you can't forget Sandy's breakfast cinnamon rolls. MMMMMM

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I'm going to keep an eye on this since Jon mentioned he wants to be in Bama for the A-day game. I'm hoping it's not the same weekend as the Gathering.

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Looking at last year's pics sure make this Gathering a temptation for 2011 :) :)!! Might have to lean on the hubby to come to this one since he IS recently retired (does that word really ever apply-LOL):) ;). Looks like you have just the place to host a bunch of smoke-heads like us-lol!! Best wishes for your family this Thanksgiving season, Daun

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I hope we see a bunch of our friends both the new ones and the ones that have been here before

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I might try to make out for the main event.

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Hope you make it out Brian.


I wanted to bump this back up so people can see it and hopefully make plans to join us. Its an easy drive from lots of places and we're only about 15 minutes off of I-10

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It looks like we will be coming. Talked about it last night.

Second week of April is usually a visit to NO for the  Crescent City Cigar and Crawfish Crawl.

We will be moving to the panhandle next year so it will be much more fun to get to know our new neighbors!

And it looks like the crawfish are coming to the party.

I will bring red beans and rice or jambalaya.

Would you be kind enough to send the directions and the cabin and motel info???

 Have a great day!



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Heres what I have come up with arranged by distance but these are all easy drives to camp. 
KOA of Chattachoochee has cabins this is about 10 miles from camp. Phone # 850-442-6657   http://koa.com/campgrounds/chattahoochee/ 

Parkway Inn this was a Holiday Inn but changed and is about 17 miles from camp. I have stayed here a few years ago and it was clean and comfy but the owners have built a new Holiday Inn next door. Phone # 850-627-4632

ExpreHoliday Inn ss is right next to the Parkway Inn. Phone # 850-875-2500  http://www.hiexpress.com/hotels/us/en/quincy/qcyfl/hoteldetail 

Hampton Inn is right next door to the Parkway Inn. Phone # 850-627-7555  http://hamptoninn.hilton.com/en/hp/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=QUIFLHX 

Howard Johnsons is about 26 miles from camp. I have stayed here a few years ago and it was clean and comfy. Phone # 850-574-8888  http://www.hojo.com/HowardJohnson/control/Booking/property_info?propertyId=10320 
Comfort Inn is about 26 miles from camp. I believe this is the newest Hotel in the area. Phone # 850-576-7300  http://www.comfortinn.com/hotel-midway-florida-FL921 

Jameson Inn of Bainbridge is about 32 miles from camp in Georgia. Still an easy drive. Phone # 229-243-7000  http://www.jamesoninns.com/Hotel_Detail.asp?ID=9 

Days Inn is about 32 miles from camp in Georgia. Next to the Jameson Inn in Bainbridge still an easy drive. Phone # 229-248-6300  http://www.daysinn.com/DaysInn/control/Booking/property_info?propertyId=08882
There are a couple bed and breakfasts in Quincy as well and I will post links to them



If you need more info just let me know. Remember you can pitch a tent or bring your RV and stay at camp too  

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Well we are touch and go right now with the blown knee, but as long as they continue to pay me and I dont go upside down I am looking forward to anothe trip to FL

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From posts I've seen so far, the A-Day game (Roll Tide) will be the week after the Gathering. Keeping my fingers crossed all will be good.

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Now I'm sure everything will work out and we will have another great time. Then the food is always awesome. From the crawfish to the 50 lbs of meat and all the sweet little treats that everyone brings to this whole event. I can't wait for the next one for it's keeps getting better and better and it's really nice to but faces to the names.

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