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Lamb breast with Q-View

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 I picked up some of those inexpensive packages of lamb breasts that show up at Wally World from time to time.

I applied a small amount of EVOO, and some Penzey's Bicentennial Rub. I smoked them over apple at around 230F to an internal temp of 145F. That took just under 3 hours.

 I then dropped them on a very hot grill for about 30 seconds each side, let them rest a few minutes, and chowed down! Quite a tasty treat for less than $2 per pound!!


Lamb breast in the smoker 11-6-2010.jpg


Lamb breast ready to slice 11-6-2010.jpg




Plated lamb breast 11-6-2010.jpg

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Dude, those look phenomenal!  I love lamb! 

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I use to get them at my local Smiths/Kroger/Food For Less years ago and enjoyed them alot. Meat cuts are alot different in my area these day's.

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