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For Sale: Lots of Restaurant Stuff for sale

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$650 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Lots of Restaurant Stuff for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well guys and gals, I gotta call it quits, seems the economy is claiming another victim.  SOi I must close my Doors on my Second Restaurant.  I have a 2 Natural Gas Fryers(1 Hobart $400, one Pitco500) 40 Waymar Red and Black "Parlor Chairs" $1200 , 1 8' Duke Refrigerated Table with 1 steam well $400, 2 stacked Blodgett  Stone Pizza Ovens $4000 each, a Traulsen 6 door Reach in cooler $1000, a Jordon 2 door reach in cooler $400, 14 tables $75each,  all the table top stuff you could want and YES A SMOKER  it is a traditional Chinese Smoker or "Wok Smoker" they are called but I have been using it for a year as my indoor BBQ Smoker it is natural gas and has 3 burners on the bottom I put a chip pan in the bottom and let'er run I can do 12 shoulder, or 30 racks at a time and she is a beauty $650 .  email me if you are interested at

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Sorry to here you have to close. The economy has hit me hard in my landscaping business, but I am holding on. Looks like you have some nice stuff there. Good luck in selling it.

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sorry to hear.....good luck!

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Sorry to hear that things did not work out. Man that is too bad you put a lot of hard work into getting that place going too!  Best of luck to ya

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Sorry to hear of the news.  There is a chance I can help you sell some of the coolers, and possibly more, but would like to have pix.  Do you have a site or can you post some pix somewhere? 


Wish you the best of luck on  your next endeavor! 

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I'm really sorry ot hear about your downfall. I know it far to well myself. I'm in construction and it's really bad here in north east florida. I wish I could help you out but you should really try to get more then you are asking for your equipment.

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Best wishes man.  I wll pass the word to some joint owners I know.

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