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Butts an bones

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Got a few orders ta fill so tossed on some pork butts.


Found a decent rack a dino bones on sale so tossed them on fer a snack later.


Pics ta follow, not that there nothin new!

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Sounds good Tip.

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Well there done an here be some pics:

The pork butt, it's coolin off fer a bit an then we'll pull it (an several others as well!)

The dino bones, man they was tastey! Hard ta fine em with some meat on em, these wern't bad.

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All looks great tip. I wish I could find dinos my way, all I can find are short ribs for the dog to gnaw on.

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I would have to say those are the meatiest beefies I've ever sen. I've picked up a few before and they weren't worth the energy to cook em


great job!

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looks good tip..........

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WOW Tip! Those both look awesome.

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