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Breast or is it?

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  1.               Started with some breast and thighs.  

                    breast 018.JPG 


        Pulled the skin from the thighs!

breast 007.JPG

Pounded the breast flatbreast 005.JPG  Sliced the breast into stripsbreast 006.JPG  Seasoned the breast, folded, and placed on the skin of the thighbreast 002.JPG Then wrappedbreast 020.JPG All seasoned and ready to smokebreast 025.JPG Smoked at 225* for 2.5-3hrs and finished with a little sauce the last 30mins.breast 009.JPG

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That's cool ,But why didn't you just buy chicken breast w/ the skin on and do the same thing?

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I couldn't find any that had enough skin to do a nice wrap!

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Thanks for sharing the pics, looks real good to me too. It's all good my friend.

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Lookin good!!! 


They almost look like little chicken nugets. I bet they don't last long after they hit the table.

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