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Smoked Chicken Wraps

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Started by boning a fryer and marinating the chicken in limejuice, granulated garlic, dried onion, sage, pepper, cayenne flakes and oregano. 


On the smoker






Smoked and ready to be sliced







Whole wheat wraps with chopped onion, salsa, avocado, tomato, and sour cream.  




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Fine lookin plate o food right there . Need some hummus to go wit dat.

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Great job Al.

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looks awfully tasty! 

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That is a great way to do some chicken for sure. Great choices on the spices. I can almost taste it from here

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Mmmm Yummy and healthy too!

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Looks good!

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Thanks for sharing, that marinade sounds like it has a lot of flavor. Your choice of toppings is right on the $$$. It's all good my friend.BTW, what was your choice of wood for smoking?

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I guess I'm still new enough at this game that I haven't gotten into the finer points of wood selection.  At the farm I still have some Oak and Pecan trees that have to be removed so they are my fuel of choice for the forseeable future.  I do use a quality hardwood lump to help regulate temps.


Thanks for all the kind words



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