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Question about cure recipes

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I’ve read quite a few recipes for buckboard bacon cure/spice mixture on here.  What they don’t show is how much of this mixture per pound of meat is required to cure it properly.  Can anyone give me some input on this?  I thought the measurement is suppose to be pretty criticle.  Also, this recipe here:  says to use instacure#1 or prague powder#2.  I thought these are two totally different cures used for different types of curing.  The more I read, the more confused I get. 
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The reason most recipes here don't say how much cure to use is because the different types of cures require you to use different amounts. There is a difference between Instacure/Prague Powder # 1 and Instacure/Prague Powder # 2 they work differently and are not interchangeable in many recipes

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Hey again Nick. If you plan to use the BBB like belly bacon and fry it in a hot pan then cure #1 is what you want, use 1.1 grams of cure #1 per pound of meat and you'll be on the low side of safe with a dry rub.

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Thanks guys.   Pineywoods, the recipe at the link I posted is calling for Instacure#1 OR Prague#2.   I've never seen a recipe like that before

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We seem to run into this type of thing often.  It seems that with using cures much misinformation is out there so be careful and follow cure instructions for each specific cure carefully.  Ryteks book is solid info as far as I am concerned and I have never had a problem with his info.  From time to time someone wants to go off in left field and talk about techniques of our forefathers also.  Remember I do not carry a buggy whip in my F-150 for a good reason!  

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Recipe incorrectly calls for prague #2.  14 day cure would be prague powder number 1


You are correct, number one is always Nitrite, number two is always with nitrate and nitrite.


Lots of bad information out there due to the amount of "amateur experts" out on the net.

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