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Good job! It's always nice when you figure out how to make great ribs, now you can adjust the foil time to get the tenderness you want without having it fall apart.

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Great looking ribs, the rub looks just right for me and my crowd. Next time you get to much rub on them, just send them my way. I will take one for the team.

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WOW.looks very very good.mmmmm im hungry now....

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They look great glad you got the falling off the bone you were looking for. I personally agree on the heavy rub being a bit much for ribs

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great looking ribs, spares are some of my favorites. i used to hate ribs until i had good ribs.

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Congrats on a great looking smoke. Looks like you may have dialed them in to where you like them.

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Your ribs look great. I learned to just dust my ribs and not treat them like a butt. Like Piney said heavy rub is just a bit much. But my mistakes were still edible and I learned from it. Anyway, bravo on getting the results you were looking for.

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Hell ya!  Those look really good man

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Sometimes the cut of meat is the answer...Sometimes you just get a tuff ole ornery Pig :-)


I saw a show the other night...cant remember who it was...on the food network. He was preparing stew, but talked about the gelatin in meat once the connective tissue breaks down...and the properties of gelatin. He said the reason some meat tastes better the second night, after being refrigerated, is the gelatin has a chance to cool down, and solidify...and that it takes twice the amount of heat to allow that gelatin to go back into a liquid form.


So that being said, how long do your ribs sit before being eaten? could it be that the gelatin has an effect on the "fall of the bone" part? I don't know...I will let the meat experts answer than one.


Great post...and great looking ribs! 


PS- I agree with you on the Work part of eating...its why I am not a big fan of crab legs...though I love the taste..hehe

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Troy I'm with you about not wanting to work hard when I eat  (unless I have a bushel of blue crabs but that's a different story).  I always make spare ribs and I always shoot for fall off the bone tenderness.  Foiling and including a liquid is the key here.  I use apple cider or beer depending on what I have in the fridge, with my rub it doesn't matter which liquid I use since the flavor is all in the rub.


Your ribs look like they turned out amazingly well!  Get that rub dialed in to your liking and you'll be hooked on spares!

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Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?  Great looking ribs.

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So will you be having these again??

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So will you be having these again??


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