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Great Info

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I just finished the course. It was filled with a lot of great information, especially for a beginning smoker. I feel like I learned a lot and am anxious to try some new techniques. A thanks goes out to Jeff and I will be buying his rub/sauce recipes. If for no other reason than to support this site, but I also think they will be a great addition to the recipe box. Thanks again.

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Welcome to SMF.  You're gonna like it here.

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Glad you found it useful many of us have. The recipes are very good as well. Of course now you know we expect Qview tho right

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If you think that the E-course is full of info just hang out here this weekend and you'll see how great this place is. The E-course gives you the basics and all and it is a great starter for new smokers. But we out here will give you all you can handle. Pretty soon the addiction will hit you and you will be smoking up a storm. So hang on for it's gonna be a fun ride with really good food too.

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