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whats the deal

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i have so many problems with this new style forum...

it is not a pleasure to use a it once was......


i use search for sflquers finishing sauce and get a bunch of others..


where is it???


if someone doesnt think ive been around here my otbs number is 005


i say this because on more than 3 occasions someone tells me to go to new membersand

post a bio.....


another one of my peeves with this present form of this forum is---

it seems to be a charcoal grilling forum....

look at sub sections [pork and beef=] its callefd grilling....


why does it say SMOKING FORUM????

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If you click on the word WIKI at the top of the page and go to the wiki section ,Click F for finishing sauce SFQ sauce is there.

  When you go to beef and click on beef it takes you to smoking beef .If you click on the subsection under beef that says grilling then you get articles and questions about grilling.

 Same w/ all the forums and sub forums.



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Here you go my friend.

The forum is a bit different but you will get use to it if you poke around enough. Glad do see you around.

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It may say "Smoking Forum", because that may have been the original intent. Based on user input, it has expanded to cover other areas of interest to our members. Stick with it and you'll find this format much more organized and boundless information at your finger tips. It's all good my friend.

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I have to agree with Rich and Bob on this one too. You just have to get used to the new format. It was hard for me and I'm on here alot too. (look at my post count) so Larry please give it time because you are a good member and one that most of us look up to also. OTBS #190

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Originally Posted by larry maddock View Post

i have so many problems with this new style forum...

 Sometimes I'd have to agree with ya Larry. It's not the old site but it is what it is, and I still like the people so I do the best I can to adapt to it. There's still is no better forum that I know of out there.


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i do agree with you dan.....


sometimes it so frustrating as i try to show other folks what a good site it is --then i cant find stuff......

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Larry in some respects vbullentin was easier but this platform has many more benefits it just takes some getting used to. Wait till you go to upload some Qview its way easier now

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I love this new format now. Especially the wikis!

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